Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Banners & Pennants

I have recently been making Banners and Pennants for Special Occasions and they have proved very popular.

The Banners and Pennants are available with standard wording such as Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Just Married, Its a Girl, Its a Boy.

Alternatively I can create a personal bespoke Banner or Pennant with wording of your choice, for example: Happy 70th Birthday Mum, Happy Silver Wedding Jack and Joyce, Happy 1st Birthday Liam etc.

The Banners and Pennants are made using laminated gift wrap. The individual letters are then hand-tied with gorgeous little ribbons and decorated with beads and embelishments appropriate to the occasion eg: teddy bears for new baby, horse-shoes for weddings/anniversaries etc.

Prices start from just £8.99 (excl postage) and are an excellent and unique way of making those all important occasions extra special.

Please feel free to e-mail me at parties.gifts@gmail.com for more information.