Friday, October 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips & Ideas: How to wrap a shoebox

I am often asked 'what is the easiest way to wrap a shoe box?' 
I know people wrap them to send off for charity but they're also a useful idea if you have an awkward shape to wrap so I thought I'd give a mini tutorial on how to do just that.

  • Start with sufficient paper to go around the box base and fold over into the box by appx 4 inches 
  • Then begin to cover the box by folding in the short edges of the box (this is the opposite of what you would naturally think to do as most people would start by folding in the long edges)

  • Next fold in the long edges, because you have started with the short edges the long edges should naturally form 'points'

Once all the edges are folded in start taping the paper to the inside of the box - tape all the way round the inside of the box 
  • When you have taped the paper to the inside of the box, tape the folds on the outside of the box (this will make sure that the folds don't get caught and torn in transit)

  •  Repeat the same process with the top of the box, again starting by folding in the paper at the short ends of the box lid. 

  • Ta dah .... your box is ready to fill with lots of lovely goodies.

I hope you've found this tutorial useful.
I'd love to hear how you get on - please write a comment 
Thank you 


Tammi Brown said...

Wonderful instructions! Thank you for sharing!!

Nico said...

So helpful!! I did a terrible job wrapping two boxes last night and am going to tackle it again tonight. Thanks!