Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to make Heart Bunting using sheet music

 hole punch
 sheet music/paper

Step 1. Cut the sheet music into 7 x 2cm wide strips
Step 2.  Cut two strips 29cm in length; then 2 x 23cm, 2 x 20cm and 1 x 13cm

Step 3. Set the single 13cm strip to one side
Step 4. Stack the strips of music together in the following order:-

Step 5. Hold the strips of music together and staple them once 
(this forms the bottom point of the heart shape)

Step 6. Take the centre 2 x 20cm strips and place the ends together to form a heart shape

Step 7. Holding the 2 x 20cm strips in the heart shape fold in the next 2 x 23cm strips to form a second heart shape over the first

Step 8. Repeat the same process with the 2 x 29cm strips to form three hearts
Step 9. Fold the 13cm single strip of sheet music in half and place in the centre of the other strips
Step 10. Staple all the strips together

Step 11. Punch a hole in the folded single strip of sheet music 

Step 12. Thread the heart onto a ribbon ...

.... continue to thread hearts onto the ribbon until you have the length of bunting you require 

Gorgeous !