Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Egg-cited about Easter Eggs !

The clocks have gone forward, Easter is just around the corner and it definitely feels like Spring is on its way. 

Easter eggs are tricky things to wrap so I thought you might like to see this cute triangle wrapping technique which came in handy when I was asked to wrap oodles of mini eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Equipment needed:

  • Wrapping paper (11cm x 9cm)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Mini Easter eggs

Step 1 - Cut your wrapping paper to size - I used paper 11cm x 9cm as I was only putting two or three mini eggs in each wrap but you can scale yours up to whatever size you need it to be.

Step 2 - Fold the paper into equal three sections and stick double sided tape along each of the long sides and one of the sorter sides (on the non patterned side of the paper)

The next bit is a little tricky as you will have three sticky edges so be careful!

Step 3 - Stick the shorter edge to the edge without the tape (on the outside ie patterned side of the paper) to form a tube.

Step 4 -Stick just one of the other two edges together to make a little pouch

Step 5 - Pop your mini eggs into the pouch then close the top of the pouch in the opposite direction to the first to form the triangle

These Easter treats are perfect for little fingers and look fab in a basket ready for the Easter Bunny to hide in the garden.

Have a wonderful Easter and Happy Wrapping !

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