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Fun &Funky Jewellery that doesn't cost the Earth !

Whilst I make every effort to reuse and recycle as much of my spare gift paper and ribbon as possible inevitably there will always be a little left over and this is how I developed my paper bead jewellery ... out of my desire to recycle and reuse wrapping paper, old atlases, maps, calendars, books and anything else I can lay my hands on!

I handspin each individual paper bead, enamel it to make it hard and durable, I then team it with other paper / recycled beads and ribbon to create wonderfully unique necklaces and bracelets.

All my necklaces are secured and tied with a co-ordinating 3mm satin ribbon. The ribbon tie allows the wearer to adjust the length of the necklace to suit her neckline.

As the necklaces have no metal fastenings they are completely hypoallergenic and ideal for anyone with sensitive skin and allergies to nickel.

Each of my beads is individually made which means that no two are the same ensuring that each piece of jewellery I create is a "one-off" and you won't find anyone else wearing exactly the same piece.

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(please note colours and patterns may vary slightly from the images shown)

I am also happy to take commissions, so if you are looking for something in a specific colour / design please let me know and I will do my best to create a piece to suit your requirements.

I present each piece of jewellery in a hand-folded origami box. I handmake each origami box using recycled brown kraft paper to ensure that each box is as individual as the jewellery it contains!

PLEASE NOTE:  My beads are enamelled with several coats of enamel, however, whilst this ensures a good level of durability and makes the beads shower proof the beads are not water proof and should not be immersed in water.

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